HKB Boss Kit - No Airbag/Cruise/TEMS - Toyota Celica / Levin / Trueno / MR2 / Starlet / Supra

Compatibility is from maker for JDM cars only. We don't guarantee fitment. Always do your own research before purchase. After-sale support does not include installation support.

Toyota Celica AA63 4A-GE (05/1983-08/1985)
Toyota MR-2 AW10 3A-LU (06/1984-07/1986)
Toyota MR-2 AW10 3A-LU (08/1986-09/1989)
Toyota MR-2 AW11 4A-GE (06/1984-07/1986)
Toyota MR-2 AW11 4A-GE (08/1986-09/1989)
Toyota MR-2 AW11 4A-GZE (08/1986-09/1989)
Toyota Starlet EP71 2E-E (10/1984-12/1986)
Toyota Starlet EP71 2E-E (01/1987-08/1989)
Toyota Starlet KP61 3K (01/1982-01/1984)
Toyota Starlet KP61 4K-EU (05/1980-01/1984)
Toyota Starlet KP61 4K-U (05/1980-01/1984)
Toyota Townace Wagon CR22G 3C-T (09/1993-10/1996)
Toyota Townace Wagon CR31G 3C-T (12/1994-10/1996)
Toyota Townace Wagon CR38G 3C-T (08/1995-10/1996)
Toyota Townace Wagon YR30G 3Y-EU (08/1995-10/1996)
Toyota Townace Wagon ​YR21 3Y-EU (10/1994-10/1996)

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Product Info

Part Num. : OT-42

- If you have Airbag, cruise control, fog lamp movement, or anything that differentiates your car from the standard base model, this boss kit will not work. You will need a different kit.
- AL20 YR30G CR38G CR31G YR21 CR22G: Aluminium change spacer necessary for installation; adjust the height with 6 steps between 5~30mm.

- AW10 AW11: Only for MR-2 6/84~10/89
- EE80 AE81 AE82 AE85 AE86 AE80 AE82: Only for Corolla/Sprinter/Levin/Trueno 5/83~4/87
- AL25: Only for Carib 5/82~2/88
- KP61: Only for Starlet equipped with rectangular headlights 6/82~1/84
- EP71: Only for Starlet 1/83~12/89
- AA63: Only for Celica 9/82~5/86
- AL20: Only for Tercel/Corsa/Corolla II 5/82~4/86
- XC10V: Only for Deliboy 7/89~
- YR30G CR38G CR31G YR21 CR22G: Only for Townace Not compatible with vehicles equipped with TEMS 1/92~11/96
These items are manufactured from either cast or billet aluminium process. Manufactured in conjunction with strict quality assurance practices of ASEA (Autosports & Special Equipment Association) under NAPAC (Nippon Auto Parts Aftermarket Committee). Manufactured to be extremely durable for sports/competition application and break away under severe impact, reducing potential harm to driver.
Incorrect installation may occur during installation, especially on tapered tooth type design. If the item is not perfectly lined up or slippage occurs, the excess stress my crack under torque load. Please make sure to remove all grease from the steering shaft and set the boss kit to its most flush mounting position prior to applying torque.
For any possible claim during installation, please follow the installation requirements with video proof.
- Maximum torque set between 3~3.5kg/m.
*Torque wrench operation needs to be done with two hands, one on the handle and one holding perfect centre and straight positioning.
**Steering wheel / shaft should be held from turning when being torqued down to get proper readings.
***Torque wrenches for heavy-duty operation such a lug nuts can be more difficult to get smaller accurate readings for low torque specification.

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