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Mectric Motorsports uPDM4

The Mectric Micro PDM4 is a smart 4 channel power distribution module designed to replace mechanical relays and fuses in aftermarket automotive electrical circuits. The device is fully CAN supported allowing for seamless integration with other devices. Each of the 4 outputs can supply up to 15A continuous load current. Higher loads can be driven by grouping outputs together. Each outputs can be triggered by CAN or a switch input and an optional master ignition switch input. The µPDM4 is constructed from AEC-Q100 Automotive Grade components, ensuring it's reliability in harsh environments.

In applications where installers may need to add a small number of power circuits but don't require the size, cost or complexity of a full scale PDM. The Micro PDM4 is perfect for coupling with new engine harness builds or when adding a new set of fans or pumps to a vehicle.

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Product Info

Processing Features:
- 48 MHz, 32bit Automotive Processor
Controller Area Network (CAN) interface, up to 4 Mbit/s
- Compatible with CAN 2.0A/B and CAN-FD (ISO 11898-1:2015)
- Full output control via CAN
- Accepts changes to config over CAN
Voltage, current & status info transmitted over CAN

Output Channel Features:
- 4x Output Channels
- 15A Continuous load current per channel (pin limited)
- 65A total device current
- Low frequency PWM capable (up to 200Hz)
- Soft start capable
- Over current protection, CAN programmable
- Over temperature protection
- Over voltage protection
- Under voltage shutdown
- Short to ground protection
- Reverse battery protection
- Automatic circuit retry, CAN programmable

Input Channel Features:
- 4x Switch inputs, low side triggered by default, internally pulled up
- 1x Ignition switch input, high side, internally pulled down, 0-20V measurement
- High impedance inputs
- Frequency measurement capable

Physical Features:
- 12 Pin Deutsch DT Connector
- M6 Power supply stud terminal
- CNC machined billet aluminium case
- Moisture/dust resistant sealed case
- M5 mounting holes
- Fully automotive grade device
- Operating temperature: -40 - 105 °C

-Resistive or inductive loads
- EFI relay
- ECU, DBW, Coil, Injector supplies
- Fuel pumps
- Water pumps
- Thermo fans
- Vehicle lighting

- Size 82.5mm L, 84mm W, 46mm H
- Weight 250g
- Colour Black
- Operating Temperature -40 - 105 °C
- Supply Voltage Rage 7 - 18 Volts
- Max. Supply Voltage 27 Volts
- Min. Supply Voltage 6 Volts
- Nominal Load Current 15A per output (65A total)
- Overload Detection Current 65A

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