Penrite HPR50 Engine Oil - 40w70

HPR 50 is a premium high performance mineral, 40-70, non-friction modified engine oil. It features a DOUBLE LAYER of engine wear protection with FULL ZINC (approx. 1500 ppm levels) and Penrites advanced EXTRA TEN technology. Protects against corrosion, oil oxidation and sludge under all operating conditions.
HPR 50 is recommended for use in vehicles where SAE 20W-50, 25W-50 and 25W-60 multigrade or where SAE 50 monograde engine oils were originally recommended by the manufacturer.

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Product Info

HPR 50 is designed for use in 4, 6 & 8+ cylinder naturally aspirated, supercharged and turbocharged petrol engines. It is particularly suited for use under high load conditions such as towing and competition or where ambient temperatures are high.
It can be used where API SL and previous SJ (1995-2000), SH (1992-1995), SG (19891992) or earlier specifications are recommended. It is suitable for use in engines showing signs of excessive oil consumption and can be used to provide protection for older and worn engines that require a heavier viscosity engine oil to maintain oil pressure.
HPR 50 has been proven for years in race and competition conditions where it has an unequalled reputation for protection in engines requiring a high performance mineral oil. It is the product of choice for many competitors running competition vehicles in circuit & drag racing, rallying, drifting, hill climb, targa events, time trials and regularity

- EXTRA TEN provides better engine protection
- FULL ZINC additive package for superior engine wear protection
- GREATER engine protection than 25W-60 grade oils
- Controls oil consumption in older engines
- Prolongs engine life
- Reduces high temperature engine deposits
- Reduces wear by controlling engine deposits
- Maintains oil pressure under arduous conditions



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