PRP 'Race Series' Trigger Kit for RB30 SOHC

Designed for applications up to 700whp, this Platinum Racing Products RB30 SOHC 'Street Series' Trigger Kit is a very common upgrade in the RB community and uses a 12 tooth configuration that is suitable for most aftermarket ECU's. This kit a 'must have' for all performance engines with the desire for accurate ignition data as our kit utilises the world renowned Cherry/ ZF hall effect sensor for both CAM and CRANK signals.

The benefits of using the Cherry / ZF Hall effect sensors is that they are not too prone to electronic noise or interference, which makes them ideal for use under race conditions. They are also easy to set up and the tooth gap is also not as critical compared to 'reluctor' type kits, combine that our nice wide tooth profile for minimal risk of tooth miscount, and you have a bulletproof kit for RB30 platform.

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Product Info

What separates this kit from other kits on the market?

Our kit provides a superior level of accuracy, fitment and engine protection as it is machined in house to the most stringent of tolerances. We also use the BEST sensors and have invested countless hours into research and development before releasing these kits. Having a camshaft and crank sensor allows the user to protect the engine against belt deflection, as the Nissan RB Timing belts have been known to stretch up to 8mm (if not more). This has a serious effect on ignition timing because if the timing happened to fluctuate a hypothetical 4 degrees, that could be the difference between making an extra 100hp or ending up with a blown engine.

We highly recommend this kit as it gives the ECU a guide to what the crank AND the cams are doing as opposed to "Camshaft ONLY trigger kits", and if you are chasing BIG HP or simply want the next best product, then check out our 'Race series trigger kit' or our 'PRO series trigger kit'.

The RB30 SOHC 'Street Series Trigger Kit' comes with the following:

UPPER camshaft trigger kit
- CAS bracket
- Top sensor bracket
- Cam trigger plate
- Silicone boot
- Cherry / ZF Electronics Hall effect sensor
- Nylon braid and dual wall heat shrink
- Custom-made silicone injection moulded 90 degree boot
- Bolts and hardware Deutsche connector plugs sets, heat shrink, braid.
- Lifetime warranty on PRP Billet hardware, 1 year on electronics.

LOWER crankshaft trigger kit
- 1 piece 12 tooth trigger wheel and bottom crank gear assembly.
- Cherry / ZF Electronics Hall effect sensor
- MoTeC reluctor style sensor (with MoTeC support)
- CNC 5 axis machined bottom sensor mount.
- Teflon shielded twin core wire.
- Custom-made silicone injection moulded 90 degree boot
- Bolts and hardware Deutsche connector plugs sets, heat shrink, braid.
- Lifetime warranty on PRP Billet hardware, 1 year on electronics.

- With the introduction of new sequential smart coils, you may need a dizzy block off.
- This kit comes BY DEFAULT to suit Small bore mounts from the following mechanical fuel pumps: Kinsler / Weldon / Waterman.
- If you require this kit to be made to suit Large bore mounts for the following mechanical fuel pumps: Enderlie / Aeromotive / Magnus, then please LEAVE A NOTE in the CART AREA when checking out, and we will accommodate your request at NO CHARGE.

- Gold
- Bronze
- Grey
- Teal
- Orange
- Green
- Cardo Zinc


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