Radium Quick Fill Dump Can, 6 Gallon, Standard Filler

Dump cans are used in motorsports when quick fuel filling pit stops are essential. The main difference between a "dump can" and a common "fuel jug" is the vent architecture. For quick filling, air entering the can must replace the exiting fuel at the same rate. If not, a vacuum will create a flow restriction and produce a "gurgle" or "chug" effect.
Fortunately, the large 1.675" OD vent tube comes from the bottom minimizing refueling leaks. The vent tube is also typically used for filling the dump can.

The dump can is blow-molded from high density polyethylene (HDPE) which is safe for all fuel types (leaded gas, unleaded gas, diesel, AV gas, methanol, ethanol, E15, E85, etc.). There are true values momuded in "US Gallons" on one side and and "Liters" on the opposite side.
The external rectangular shape was dimensionally designed to match industry standard (9.5" x 9.5"). This allows for easy securing and storing with other fuel jugs. The integrated vent handle has finger grips making it comfortable and ergonomic. The lip on the bottom serves as a secondary handle making refueling a painless task.

An O-ring sealed fill cap secures to the HDPE dump can. Each billet anodized aluminum fill cap features machined knurling for positive grip.
NOTE: For race applications, the plastic pour spout can be cut to suit 2.5" and 3" dry breaks.

The O-ring sealed anodized aluminum vent cap is standard with all dump cans. It features a threaded indicator that represents the fuel currently inside (leaded, unleaded, ethanol, methanol, diesel, pre-mix).
The integrated rubber flip vent valve can be used when quick filling is not required (ie: small fuel tanks).

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Product Info

Volume: 6 Gallons (22 Liters)
Dimensions: 25.25" H x 9.50" W x 9.50" D
Vent Size: 1.675" OD (1.375" ID)
Pour Spout OD (if cut): 2.50" or 3.00"
Color: Semitransparent White
Material: High Density Polyethylene
Manufacturing: Blow-Molded
NOTE: To utilize all 6 gallons, it is recommended to use the preassembled standard rubber flip vent valve. This will drastically slow the filling process but prevent any fuel from accidentally making its way out of the vent when the dump can is completely full. The entire vent cap should be removed for quick filling.

This option works with all OEM vehicle fillers. But unlike typical fuel jugs, the Radium Engineering dump can fills 67% faster thanks to the large vent design.
Both dump can caps are knurled anodized aluminum. The large 3/4" rubber filler hose is secured with 12AN PushLoks.

The filler spout is machined from billet stainless steel and uses an O-ring sealed anodized aluminum plug.
Spout Material: Stainless Steel
Spout Outer Diameter: 0.85"
Spout Insertion Length: 4" Max
Spout Cap: O-ring Sealed Aluminum
Hose: 3/4" Radium Fuel Hose
Total Height: 36" (+/-1")

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